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Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm Not Bitter, Just Sour

For the last few weeks my mind has been consumed with getting the perfect sourdough starter culture. I've been mixing, sterilizing, researching, reading, sniffing, and stressing over this damn thing. I think I've paid more attention to it than the cats. I've even felt a little sad discarding the old starter to mix in new flour. Personally I find it very difficult to do, especially since everyone makes such a big deal about how the yeasts in the stuff are alive and "feeding". It's like I'm aborting it.

Let that baby live!

Children, behave!

Maybe it's good that I'm pro-choice, otherwise I would have more starter than I know what to do with. Frankly, I'm not having sourdough pancakes every night. Though I may try it tomorrow morning. Definitely I'm attempting to make a real loaf tomorrow. But let me tell you, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to make sourdough bread, and all of them contradict the other. Should you use tap water? Should you use all-purpose flour? Can you use metal utensils? What about sugar? What about milk and grapes? Should your starter be stiff or liquidy? How long does everything take?

Oy. You would think something that is as old as Egyptian civilization would have a Dummy's guide. Or at least Cliff Notes.



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