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Friday, January 13, 2006


Bacon Press-oholics, take notice.

If you haven't seen them by now, you'll notice over in the column to the right, near the top, are two new thingys.

One thingy is called "Bacon Press Index Tabs" and clicking on it will take you to my Del.icio.us site where my blog posts are indexed by key words, making it easy for you to search the blog by categories.

Neat, huh?

The other new thingy is a link to my Wayfaring maps (2 so far) that will show you where some of the places I talk about in the blog are.

Cool, oui?

Both new thingys still need some work and editing and probably will be a constantly evolving thingy. So, be sure to check them out as you come back to read the chronicles of my gastro-lifestyle.

Lastly, beginning this Monday, I will begin something new for the blog which I'm calling The 30 Mornings Project. For 30, mostly but not always, consecutive days, I will photoblog each morning, 1 snapshot, either in San Francisco or wherever I happen to be.

So in addition to posting about all things food related, I'll be putting on my photographers cap and blogging like mad.

Here's a sample of things to come(taken this morning):

OK. That's it. More later.



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