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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sushi Trucks Are The New Fridays

What that means, I don't know.

But once there was a lonely little Sushi Truck who lived in a community that was predominantly Mexican. Though his Mexican parents loved and raised him as one of their own, he just couldn't help feeling like he was different.

He was different. He was Japanese.

At school he was picked on as being the "other". Everywhere he went or was seen, he stood out: the mall, at Quinceaneras, the high school yearbook.

Sushi Truck tried to hide his differences by dressing in baggy clothes and saying "for real?" often and at times that didn't make sense. Once he thought of changing his name to El Sushi Truck, but that just sounded all wrong.

Then one day, while cruising the internet, he happened upon this video.

To say it was cathartic is an understatement. It was life changing.

Then, Sushi Truck did something he never thought he had the courage to do.

He came out.

First to his family, then to his friends. Of course, they knew all along. Yet still, tears were shed, perhaps happy over his decision to face up to who he was/is, perhaps a little sadness over their little boy becoming a man, and perhaps a little worry over how the community was going to react.

Sushi Truck knew his decision could be dangerous, but he knew that once out of the closet, he could never go back and be a Happy Sushi Truck.

To make life easier, he moved to the City by the Bay in order to live among the small, but influential, community of Japanese Sushi Boats. While they accepted him immediately as one of their own, Sushi Truck never turned his back on his Mexican upbringing.

Today, Happy Sushi Truck dispenses to-go, affordable sushi, like this Cal-Roll and Tekka sushi for $4.95.

There are days when Happy Sushi Truck misses the life he knew, and occasionally after work, he'll take long, quite, and introspective drives through East Oakland or maybe on down to Crow's Landing Road. He'll think of all of the sad and happy times he had growing up, and maybe get a little morose when thinking about how much he misses his family. But then something suddenly happens: he realizes where his true home is.

It is here, in San Francisco. And this makes him happy.

In fact, he is the happiest Happy Sushi Truck I know.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha i loved this story.

9:13 AM  

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