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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jar O' Lard

My baby...

It will be ready in a week or so...if I want. Or I can eat it several months down the road.

I just felt proud and thought I'd share.


Belinda. If you ever click onto this site (and I know how infrequent you surf the web), can you please call me? You've changed or lost your telephone number...again! I called and got some crazy woman, who immediately Star 69'd me and left a breathy pause on my answering machine.

Lastly: "Gung Hay Fat Choy", duh!! Although, I'm not too stoked it's the Year of the Dog, what with all of these damn pit bulls and their obnoxious "guardians", and you know there are more dogs in SF than there are kids, and really, I can barely stand a crotch-sniffing, drooling, obsequious, smelly canine even though I've had dogs all my life. Rocky, Girl, Judge...I remember you.

But Year of the Cat? How long must I wait?

Speedball and Argenta want to know!


PS Fans of Bacon Press: go *here* to learn more about the video I linked to earlier today. I think Hard Gay is my new hero.


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